LED Street Light

Arkon Power’s LED Street Light is a top quality LED fixture that utilizes modular design, and is an excellent choice for any Area Lighting or Roadway Lighting application. .

FDOT Approved

IDA Dark Sky Approved

LED Street Light – Spec Sheet Download


120-277 Volt480 VoltWattageLumensColor TemperatureFixture Colors
APSL-40-A1APSL-40-B440 Watts5,000 Lumens3000KGrey
APSL-80-A1APSL-80-B480 Watts10,000 Lumens4000KBlack
APSL-120-A1APSL-120-B4120 Watts15,000 Lumens5000KBronze
APSL-160-A1APSL-160-B4160 Watts20,000 Lumens5700KWhite
APSL-200-A1APSL-200-B4200 Watts25,000 LumensAmber Turtle SafeCustom
APSL-240-A1APSL-240-B4240 Watts30,000 Lumens
APSL-280-A1APSL-280-B4280 Watts35,000 Lumens
APSL-320-A1APSL-320-B4320 Watts40,000 Lumens