Go Green


mid-podsLED lighting is widely recognized as the most environmentally friendly long-term solution for commercial, industrial and home lighting needs. Its environmental benefits, energy efficiency and return-on-investment make it superior to any other option on the market. When you go with LEDs, you’re going green and saving green.

How much more efficient are LED lights compared to older technology bulbs?
LED lights last 10 times longer than metal halide or high pressure sodium bulbs and are four times more efficient. LED fixtures use approximately 70 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs, which translates to financial savings for you and a cleaner environment for everyone.

Aren’t LED lights more expensive? How will I save money?
The price of LEDs has come down drastically in the last few years, making them much more affordable than many consumers think. While LEDs may be slightly more expensive than older technology bulbs up front, power and maintenance savings typically lead to a return on your investment in as little as two years. After the investment is paid back, LED users find additional funds in their pockets every month that can go toward other business expenses.

What will LEDs do for me beyond save power?
The most obvious upside to LED lighting is the power and maintenance savings; however, LED users enjoy many more benefits. LEDs deliver brighter, cleaner and more even light. For shopping centers, this invites customers in and ensures they feel safe when walking to their cars, reducing owners’ liability. For car dealerships, LEDs provide daytime-quality light that illuminates the merchandise and makes it more attractive. In factory and office environments, LEDs make it easier for employees to see, in turn making them more comfortable and efficient. LEDs also put off less heat than older lighting alternatives, reducing businesses’ air conditioning needs and slashing HVAC bills. The benefits for businesses in almost every sector are innumerable.

How am I benefiting the environment by using LEDs?
Regular light bulbs put carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and mercury into landfills and the atmosphere. Each single low energy LED bulb keeps a half-ton of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere over its life cycle. The bulbs also minimize the hazardous wastes that enter landfills and the environment. If every household in the United States switched to LED lights, 90 current power plants could close, an astonishing fact considering new power plants are still being planned and constructed every single day.

Staying conscious about the environment and going “green” doesn’t mean you have to change the way you live completely. You can increase your energy efficiency with small and simple changes that will benefit your life and the global environment. Saving money with LED lights in your home makes going green a win-win, and you’ll enjoy the benefits for years to come.