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April 2021: Arkon Shines Light on New Publix

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The LED lighting firm has completed another high-end retail project.

Arkon Power recently completed its latest new construction retail lighting project, this time for commercial real estate developer Stiles Corporation at The Monarch Town Center in Miramar, Florida.

The Publix-anchored shopping center in Broward County features more than 140 LED fixtures and more than 90 light poles provided by Tarpon Springs-based Arkon Power.

“The ownership group was looking for a value-engineered option to help save on their bottom line,” said Ira Timmerman, Arkon project designer. “We were able to provide a lighting package that met their lighting requirements and saved a significant amount of money.”

After completing a photometric analysis, Arkon Power created a site design that provided 119 LED area light fixtures, 22 LED decorative post top fixtures, 92 direct burial aluminum light poles with engineered wind load calculations, and various LED wall pack and LED canopy fixtures. Using a combination of different light distributions, Arkon optimized illumination around the site’s center and eliminated dark areas and hot spots.

The Monarch Town Center at the intersection of Flamingo Road and Miramar Parkway hosts a number of national retail chains in addition to the Publix, such as Planet Fitness, Ross, AutoZone, Five Below and Great Clips.

According to Arkon Power’s Graham Brown, shopping centers anchored by brands like Publix Super Markets, Winn Dixie and Kroger demand exacting lighting standards, and the Central Florida LED provider has become an expert in the segment. Publix requires a 5 foot-candle average on the ground throughout its parking lots, along with a 3 foot-candle minimum.

Arkon Power has developed photometric plans for dozens of grocery-anchored centers using its in-depth knowledge of photometrics, LED fixtures, light poles and custom bracketry. LEDs provide plazas like Monarch Town Center unmatched energy and maintenance savings. In addition to saving money, shopping center lighting upgrades increase road appeal, attract new tenants, draw in customers, enhance safety and eliminate light pollution.

“Publix is extremely strict on their lighting minimums, and they only let a few companies provide their LED site lighting fixtures,” Timmerman said. “We have consistently delivered on the promise to meet these requirements and also to lower energy bills and provide better lighting for our customers.”

Additional shopping plaza projects completed by Arkon in Florida include the Publix-anchored Alafaya Square Shopping Center in Oviedo, Publix-anchored Tower Square and Hunters Crossing in Gainesville, Winn Dixie-anchored Mariner Village in Spring Hill, Winn-Dixie anchored Palatka Marketplace in Putnam County, Winn-Dixie anchored Shops at Cape Coral in Lee County, Cheddar’s Ocala Center in Marion County, Park View Shopping Center in Osceola County and Vero Beach Square in Indian River County.

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Designing Smart: Arkon’s Approach Streamlines, Saves

Graham Brown took one look at the quote a competitor had provided for a construction industry client and knew Arkon Power could do better. The lighting layout simply had more poles positioned around the PDQ restaurant parking lot in Clearwater, Florida, than were necessary.

“We’re always aware of design efficiency,” Brown said. “And we consistently save our customers money by reducing light pole and fixture numbers with better photometric plans and eventual lighting layouts.”

The competitor’s parking lot and site lighting design proposed 10 light poles and 10 LED fixtures. Tarpon Springs-based Arkon was able to achieve better lighting with only five light poles and five LED fixtures. The strategy was to use lights with slightly higher output, but also adjust the height of the proposed light poles.

“When completing a design, we always attempt to do so with the least number of poles possible, as we know this will cut product costs and significantly lower installation costs,” Brown said.

Arkon was also able to offer its construction company customer lower priced LED fixtures and direct burial fiberglass light poles to eliminate the need for the concrete bases used with streetlight poles. The result for the PDQ restaurant parking lot was lower upfront costs on both product and install, reduced ongoing maintenance costs, and a smaller energy bill.

Arkon and PDQ, a rapidly growing fast casual restaurant chain, have enjoyed a successful partnership since 2014, when the LED firm installed the site lighting at PDQ’s flagship location in Hillsborough County, Florida. While completing the job at Waters and Benjamin in South Tampa, Arkon contracted to provide upgraded exterior site lighting for dozens more PDQ locations around Florida.

Arkon’s exterior LED fixtures are ideal for fast food, fast casual, and full-service dining establishments, where nighttime exposure and security is critical for success. And while the latest PDQ project was for new construction, Arkon is capable of working on all types of development projects.

“We do a lot of retrofits on existing structures, but we love working on new construction, as well,” Brown said.

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LED Lighting SHopping Center Jacksonville Florida North Florida

Florida Bank Makes Investment with Arkon

Wauchula State Bank contracted with Arkon Power to bring its exterior lighting up to code and save money in the process.

Wauchula State Bank in Florida needed new site lighting to meet state illumination requirements, and Arkon Power’s LED lighting was the first place the company turned.

“We were committed to LED because we knew it was more efficient, and we knew we would be able to get a lot more consistency out of it,” said Toby Sapp, Wauchula State Bank maintenance technician.

The banking group is in the process of transitioning its eight Central Florida branches to 100% LED lighting, and Sapp said Arkon Power has been nearly flawless in helping it achieve its mission so far.

“Arkon is easy to work with and has a representative we can reach out to and have on the phone and present usually within minutes, not hours,” Sapp said. “Arkon stands behind its product and gives us a level of confidence we are very much in need of.”

Since starting work with Wauchula, Arkon has updated the parking lot lighting at multiple branches to ensure it meets the safety requirements of customers and regulators. Arkon has also installed LED lighting under several of Wauchula’s canopies and provided wall pack lighting for drive through facilities. In all cases, Arkon has provided photometric plans to ensure Wauchula has the foot candles on the ground it needs.

“The customer and Sapp knew what they wanted in terms of light quality, and we knew how to get them there,” Arkon Technical Manager Graham Brown said.

Arkon has also provided interior lighting for Wauchula, and Sapp said the company has exceeded his expectations on all dimensions.

“Whenever we have the opportunity, we have recommended Arkon to others in the area,” Sapp said.

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Arkon Provides LED Lighting to Secure Church

Orlando-based Church in the Son wanted to improve its parking lot lighting. LEDs proved to be a revelation.

As a worshipper was leaving Orlando’s Church in the Son one night in December, her son asked if she needed an escort to her car. “No thanks,” she said. “They put out new parking lights, so it’s much brighter out there.”

It was music to Church in the Son administrators’ ears.

The house of worship had contracted with Arkon Power to replace its legacy metal halide parking lot fixtures several months earlier, and the project’s central goal was improving churchgoer safety.

“The first concern we had was that our parking lot was very dark,” said Carla Kong, Church in the Son operations director. “Our lights were old-school and yellowish, and we knew we wanted to go bright. Safety was our number one reason.”

With assistance from Arkon Technical Manager Graham Brown and his team, which completed a thorough photometric analysis, the church elected to replace its 37 400-watt metal halides with nine 320-watt LED street lights and 28 240-watt LED street lights.

The result is more foot-candles on the ground, daylight-like ambient illumination, and a decrease in power consumption. And while Kong says Church in the Son “at first wasn’t even thinking about” how much they’d save on their power bill, the nearly 40% reduction in energy consumption was “a nice bonus down the line.”

Arkon worked closely with an electrical contractor to complete the installation, and Kong said the project went smoothly from beginning to end.

“The attention and the follow-up process was very good,” she said. “The communication was great.”

Church in the Son was able to raise all the capital necessary for the installation from member donations, and Kong said all of the church’s parishioners have been happy with the results.

“Over all, we’ve accomplished everything we were looking for,” she said.

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Arkon Provides LED Site Lighting Crown Acura Auto Dealership in Clearwater, Florida

Arkon assisted the auto group in revamping its lighting during a major facility remodel and expansion.

When Crown Acura looked to remodel its car lot in the heart of Clearwater, Fla., the dealership knew lighting would be critical to its success. So the sales organization worked with an industry contractor who knew just where to find the right solution: Arkon Power.

“They wanted a full-blown remodel, and they wanted to build out a new display lot next door,” Arkon Power Technical Manager Graham Brown said. “We did the photometrics and delivered a bid that proved to be the best anyone could offer. We’re proud to have won the contract.”

Crown Acura, located on US Highway 19 near Gulf to Bay Boulevard for more than 20 years, is a critical piece of the Crown Automotive Dealership empire. Earlier this year, the company looked to increase its competitive advantage by purchasing an adjacent shopping center and remodeling its existing facility. The remodel was a full gut job, and the shopping center nearly doubled the size of the dealership’s footprint.

Once it had completed its photometric analysis, Arkon Power provided new fixtures and brackets for the light poles in the existing car lot, as well as a from-scratch lighting layout throughout the new display lot.

The project took on two phases. In phase one, Arkon replaced Crown Acura’s existing 1,000 watt metal halide fixtures with 50 320-watt LED streetlights and 6 240-watt LED streetlights. The fixtures, mounted with 13 charging bull horn brackets, four three-way 120 brackets and seven two-way 180 brackets, reduced power usage by more than 70% compared to the legacy halides.

In phase two of the project, Arkon worked on the new lot, deciding where each pole and fixture would go and installing each from the ground up. All told, the lot was outfitted with 80 320-watt LED streetlights, 31 direct burial concrete light poles, 14 charging bull horn brackets, 13 three-way 120 brackets and two two-way 180 brackets.

One of the goals of the remodel and expansion was to help Crown Acura stand out from its competition—the dealership is among a number of others along the US 19 corridor.

“Lighting is so critical to achieving the look and feel auto dealerships want when they update their facilities,” Brown said. “Crown Acura has told us how happy they are with the results of our lighting design, and anyone who drives by the dealership at night will certainly see why.”

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Pinellas County Fast Food Restaurant Finds Winner with LED Site Lighting

Donut shop sees multiple benefits from LED upgrade

The site lights were out at the Dunkin’ Donuts fast food restaurant in Largo, Florida. And that was not good for business.

“We knew that we had to replace some of the lighting,” Owner Estelle Valsamis said. “We thought LED parking lot lighting would save us money, and when Arkon Power showed us they would pay for themselves inside two years, it was a no brainer. It made good business sense.”

The savings on the company’s energy bill, it turned out, were just the beginning. According to Valsamis, the lights are even brighter and more daylight-like than she expected. That means her business’s effective hours have been extended—customers are drawn to the bakery not only during the morning rush but into the evenings, as well.

“We are really happy with it,” Valsamis said. “We are coffee and donuts, so much of our business is in the morning. For those off hours, the lighting helps the visibility from the street; it allows people to see the shop at night. We can definitely pick up some sales.”

Valsamis said the lights have also made the Dunkin’ Donuts parking lot and surrounding area safer for employees during early morning and nighttime hours.

The restaurant parking lot previously was lit by 11 1,000-watt metal halide bulbs, most of which were out and needed either maintenance or complete replacement. The Arkon photometric team determined just five 280-watt LED streetlights and one 120-watt LED streetlight could provide even better illumination.

According to Arkon Technical Manager Graham Brown, where there were two lighting fixtures on five of the six poles around the parking lot prior to the upgrade, the new design required only one fixture per pole.

“Not only were the existing lights costing this business in maintenance and on its energy bill, there were clunky redundancies everywhere,” Brown said. “We were able to streamline the system and offer a clean looking layout in addition to saving the client significant sums of money.”

Valsamis said that throughout the lighting replacement process, from fixture selection to final installation, Arkon communicated clearly and performed beyond her expectations.

“Arkon was very good at discussing the process in terms of the contract, and the pricing was great,” she said. “The installation was seamless—nice and efficient. Arkon Power did a fantastic job.”

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Arkon Works with University of Florida on LED Parking Garage Project

Arkon Power has helped the University of Florida take a bite out of its power bill.

Arkon Power has been working with colleges and universities for years, and early last year, the company’s ability to meet their unique specifications landed a major ongoing client.

Arkon completed its latest job for the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida on the top level of a parking lot, in June. It began working on the home of the Gators’ parking garages about a year and a half ago, according to Technical Manager Graham Brown.

“We’ve completed a total of 11 different parking garage top decks,” he said. “It’s been a good deal of work, and we’ve been happy to partner with an organization as prestigious as UF.”

For each garage, Arkon has removed the university’s legacy halide fixtures and replaced them with long-lasting commercial LED fixtures. In total, Arkon has replaced 138 lights with 159 LEDs:

  • 109 250-watt metal halide shoeboxes with 109 80-watt LED parking lights.
  • 21 250-watt metal halide shoeboxes with 42 40-watt LED parking lights.
  • 4 150-watt metal halide shoeboxes with four 40-watt LED parking lights.
  • 4 250-watt metal halide wall packs with four 70-watt LED classic wall packs.

According to Arkon engineers’ estimates, UF should expect nearly 70% savings on the power bills associated with its parking garage upper decks.

“It’s been a combination of power and maintenance savings that has brought them back for the repeat business,” Brown said. “And on top of that, there is the increased safety for students. We’ve also worked on their hospital garages, where there are even more people coming from and going to their cars late at night.”

For each light fixture, Arkon has been able to use custom bracketing to allow the existing light poles and wiring to stay in place. That’s meant even more up-front savings and a faster payback period, according to Brown.

UF is the latest in a number of clients Arkon has attracted in the university sector. According to Director of Business Development Eleni Lelekis, it’s a market that’s difficult for some LED providers to crack.

“The approval process can be difficult, so for some companies, it can be slow and painful,” she said. “Fortunately, it’s something we’ve really begun to perfect, and we’re excited to work with more universities in the future.”

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Arkon Completes Lighting Design for New Construction Site

Arkon Power helped Tarpon Senior Living achieve the look it wanted at the right price.

Joe Heidenreich needed lighting for a senior living housing project he was working on, but the local utility provider wasn’t up to meeting his needs.

“I don’t think they were progressive enough in what they were prepared to offer,” said Heidenreich, whose consulting firm was brought onto the Tarpon Senior Living project by PHG Builders LLC. “They pushed us into the private sector.”

As soon as Heidenreich met with Arkon Power, he knew he’d found the right lighting provider for his four assisted living sub-complexes with 95 units in Tarpon Springs, Fla.

“I met with Graham [Brown], and he did the photometrics,” Heidenreich said. “Arkon was very progressive and accommodating. They went beyond what we expected initially. We had other competitors come to us, but we stayed with Arkon based on what they did for us—the service, how they handled themselves.”

Brown’s photometric analysis led the Arkon engineering team to recommend Tarpon Senior Living install two 120-watt and 44 80-watt LED street lights, each with full 10-year warranties. The lights were mounted on 18 20-foot AGL direct burial fiberglass light poles for the parking lot areas and nine 14-foot AGL poles to illuminate the walkways. Nineteen two-way, 180-degree brackets were installed on poles requiring multiple LED fixtures.

Finally, the team selected a bronze color to ensure the light poles matched the existing housing design “and give it a more natural appearance,” according to Brown.

The goal, per Heidenreich’s specifications, was to make the complexes feel like upscale communities. He didn’t necessarily want the daylight-like glow of a big box store parking lot.

Heidenreich said Arkon delivered and then some.

“The end product we are tickled to death with,” he said. “We gave Graham some very specific instructions…and we were very impressed with him and the whole team. I think they did a great job.”

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Tampa Honda Car Dealership Trades up to LED Site Lighting with Arkon Power

Expensive maintenance and poor light quality were weighing the auto dealer down.

Dave Williams of the Williams Automotive Group knows good advice when he hears it.

So when Ralph Ghioto, owner of Century Buick GMC in Tampa, Florida, told him he loved his new LED parking lot lighting—and furthermore that he was very happy with the company that helped him with the project—Williams knew what to do. He called Arkon Power.

“We knew Century had the lights installed and they were pleased, from Arkon’s service, to the installation, to the energy savings and the operation of the lights afterward,” said Graham Hill, Williams Automotive Group’s general counsel. Hill also praised the work of USA Lighting, Arkon’s automotive sales representative that originally worked with Century Buick GMC.

The Williams Group’s first LED site lighting installation with Arkon, at its Tampa Honda dealership in Hillsborough County, brought with it a double-dose of savings. On top of the more than 75% Arkon was able to reduce the auto dealer’s energy bill, Tampa Honda eliminated a monthly maintenance contract it needed to keep up with all the lights that had been going out.

Arkon replaced those legacy lights—178 1,000-watt metal halide shoeboxes, 34 mid-pole lights and 18 wall packs—with 48 320-watt LEDs along the front line of the dealership and 121 280-watt LEDs throughout the lot.

In addition to positioning the high-powered lights where customers could see them and eliminating the redundant mid-pole fixtures, Arkon Technical Manager Graham Brown was able to use a photometric analysis to focus the new LED lights even further. By implementing four different lens types, Brown and his team eliminated the light pollution the sidewalks and streets around Tampa Honda.

“This was an extensive one because of the number of lenses and wattages,” Brown said. “We also used shielding on the side of the lot because it’s next to an apartment complex.”

With the lights in place, Hill said Tampa Honda is already seeing energy savings, and the brightness and lighting quality is everything the group hoped they’d see.

“It’s such an updated look and consistent light output,” he said. “Graham’s analysis of the photometric plans were spot on. It gives our whole facility an updated feel.”

Arkon specialists have also helped Tampa Honda access energy company rebates, Hill said. “Arkon has been great, being flexible and on time and expense,” he said. “It’s a great company, and we plan to keep in touch and look out for new opportunities.”

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Arkon, Hybridge Team Up to Brighten Publix with LED Site Lighting in Central Florida

When the expansive Alafaya Square Shopping Center needed a lighting upgrade, LEDs were the ideal choice.

Real estate advisor and developer Hybridge had to deliver for the anchor tenant at one of its Florida shopping centers in Seminole County.

The high-volume Publix grocery store in the Oviedo-based Alafaya Square Shopping Center needed improved lighting for the safety of its many after-dark customers. The solution, provided by Arkon Power, was high-powered, sunlight-like LED fixtures.

“The brightness from the existing metal halides just wasn’t adequate,” Arkon Technical Manager Graham Brown said. “The safety benefit of LED lighting, for Publix, is immeasurable. And the end result looks fantastic.”

Working closely with Hybridge Director of Asset Management Chris Dowd, Brown and his team were able to drill down on Alafaya’s requirements and deliver a solution that would pay for itself in just over two years while providing significantly more light than the shopping center previously enjoyed.

Arkon replaced Alafaya’s 63 1,000-watt metal halide fixtures with 68 320-watt LED streetlights. Even with the addition of five lights, Hybridge expects to see its power bills reduced by nearly 70% for the property, in addition to significant savings on maintenance costs.

Arkon developed custom bracketing to optimize the position of each of the 68 new fixtures, increasing efficiency and eliminating light pollution. The LED provider was able to save Hybridge on up-front costs by using Alafaya Square’s existing light poles.

“It’s really quite a large area to light,” Brown said. “We enjoyed the challenge of dialing in the photometric plan throughout the parking lot and near the retail areas.”

According to Arkon Director of Business Development Eleni Lelekis, Hybridge has been pleased with the results.

“They’re a great customer and told us how happy they were with the service,” she said. “We’re already quoting another project for them that we’re excited about.”

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Arkon Helps Clearwater Law Firm Highlight Brand

LED Parking Lot lighting installation gives law firm leg up on competition

The Perenich Law Group is in a tough market. As personal injury trial attorneys, Greg, Tim, and Terrance Perenich know their competition will stop at nothing to advertise their services.

But the Perenich brothers aren’t the type for flashy signs. So they turned to LEDs to highlight their brand while keeping it classy.

“We are very proud of our offices,” Greg Perenich said. “While many lawyers spend a lot on billboards, our office is our billboard. The new lighting helps us show our clients that we are a stable, reputable firm that’s been here a long time.”

The idea started when the law firm looked to replace the costly, high-maintenance metal halide lights in its parking lot. Installed in 2010, the 12 400-watt fixtures were often going out and running up big electric bills. What if the Perenich Law Group could both save money on electricity and maintenance and show itself in the best possible light?

Arkon Power knew it could be done.

The energy and lighting solutions firm installed three 160-watt LED flood lights to illuminate the Perenich logo and building, replaced the front line parking lot fixtures with four 320-watt LED lights and swapped out the remaining eight halides for 280-watt LEDs. In addition to eliminating maintenance expenses for years to come, the lighting should save the Perenich Law Group about 25% every month.

“We were able to increase the illumination in the parking lot and add the highlights to the front of the building, all while delivering significant cost savings,” Arkon Technical Manager Graham Brown said. Arkon customized the lens angles on each fixture for maximum efficiency and limited up-front costs by working with the law firm’s existing light poles.

Greg Perenich said the project was handled by Arkon “smoothly and professionally with no issues whatsoever,” and he and his group have been impressed with the illumination. Not only has it beautifully highlighted the firm’s branding, it’s made everyone using the parking lot after dark feel safer.

“We’re very pleased with the finished product,” he said. “It is very professional looking at night, the brightness is astounding and the uplighting is a great touch. For us, it’s been a win-win.”

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Sun State Ford Sees the Light With LED

The car dealership located in Central Florida has turned a costly maintenance issue into a competitive advantage.

Sun State Ford’s lights were going out, and management had a decision to make. Should the Orlando-based car dealership keep replacing its hodgepodge of high maintenance metal halides or switch to a standardized solution?

The answer was LED site lighting from Arkon Power.

“It was such a random mix of fixtures, it was hard to tell what was what,” Arkon Technical Manager Graham Brown said. “We were able to give them a more uniform look, along with a set of fixtures that wouldn’t keep failing at odd times.”

Once Brown and the Arkon team charted Sun State’s assortment of existing lights, they offered to replace 167 metal halides with 154 lower wattage LEDs. The decrease from 133,000 watts to 39,000 watts would represent a 70.67% reduction in total power usage, and because the cost of LEDs has come down in recent years, the decision to upgrade to the new technology was an easy one.

“It was costing us a great deal of money just to maintain the lights we had, and we had heard about LEDs and how long they lasted,” Sun State General Manager Linda Rakestraw said. “Not only are we saving on not having to replace anything, the lighting is bright and crisp, all the fixtures are the same and we are saving on our electric bill.”

Arkon was able to more effectively position Sun State Ford’s lights to highlight critical sections of the car dealership. On the front line, 320-watt streetlights were used. The balance of the lot was illuminated with 240-, 200- and 120-watt fixtures.

In addition to the energy savings, Arkon was able to save Sun State Ford a significant amount on the retrofit by reusing existing lighting brackets. The lighting solutions firm also upgraded the auto dealer’s wall pack lighting, service drive, new car delivery area and the building’s front canopy.

According to Arkon Director of Business Development Eleni Lelekis, lighting projects for car dealerships like Sun State Ford, which is situated near its competitors, are invaluable.

“We’ve done projects for a number of dealerships that are located on these high density auto sales strips, and they’re among our most satisfied customers,” she said. “If you don’t go this route, you are giving up a distinct competitive advantage.”

In Orange County, where Sun State Ford is located, Arkon’s products offered yet another advantage. Through the use of low profile back light shielding, light pollution was kept below the county’s stringent ordinances.

“The directional nature of LEDs already limits light pollution,” Brown said. “Our engineers were able to develop an elegant solution that kept Sun State Ford well within local regulations.”

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