Perenich Law Firm – Clearwater, Florida

LED lighting installation gives law firm leg up on competition

The Perenich Law Group is in a tough market. As personal injury trial attorneys, Greg, Tim, and Terrance Perenich know their competition will stop at nothing to advertise their services. But the Perenich brothers aren’t the type for flashy signs. So they turned to LEDs to highlight their brand while keeping it classy.

“We are very proud of our offices,” Greg Perenich said. “While many lawyers spend a lot on billboards, our office is our billboard. The new lighting helps us show our clients that we are a stable, reputable firm that’s been here a long time.”

The idea started when the law firm looked to replace the costly, high-maintenance metal halide lights in its parking lot. Installed in 2010, the 12 400-watt fixtures were often going out and running up big electric bills. What if the Perenich Law Group could both save money on electricity and maintenance and show itself in the best possible light? Arkon Power knew it could be done.The energy and lighting solutions firm installed three 160-watt flood lights to illuminate the Perenich logo and building, replaced the front line parking lot fixtures with four 320-watt LED lights and swapped out the remaining eight halides for 280-watt LEDs. In addition to eliminating maintenance expenses for years to come, the lighting should save the Perenich Law Group about 25% every month.

“We were able to increase the illumination in the parking lot and add the highlights to the front of the building, all while delivering significant cost savings,” Arkon Technical Manager Graham Brown said. Arkon customized the lens angles on each fixture for maximum efficiency and limited up-front costs by working with the law firm’s existing light poles. Greg Perenich said the project was handled by Arkon “smoothly and professionally with no
issues whatsoever,” and he and his group have been impressed with the illumination. Not only has it beautifully highlighted the firm’s branding, it’s made everyone using the parking lot after dark feel safer.

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