About Us

At Arkon Power, we specialize in high quality LED lighting systems all across the state of Florida, as well as the county.

There are many low quality products in the market that may save you some on up front cost, but in the long run you will pay the price with maintenance nightmares. We want to ensure you only have to install LED fixtures at your property one time!



Some of the main areas we service

LED Lighting in Pinellas County

LED Lighting in Hillsborough County

LED Lighting in Pasco County

LED Lighting in Manatee County


LED Lighting in Tampa

LED Lighting in Clearwater

LED Lighting in Brandon

LED Lighting in Dunedin

LED Lighting in Palm Harbor

LED Lighting in Tarpon Springs

Working with a broad range of customers, and scope of projects from designing lighting layouts with Civil Engineers, to completely re-lighting a Car Dealership, to selling products to Electrical Contractors for their customers, we have epe


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