July 2021: Arkon Unveils Major Court Lighting Project


Valencia del Sol wows homeowners with Arkon’s LED Court Lighting.

The executives at GL Homes know their residents take racket sports seriously.

A premier planned community builder, GL Homes operates nine communities up and down Florida’s coasts. And when it came time to build the tennis, pickleball and bocce courts at new construction project Valencia del Sol in Hillsborough County, the builder contracted with Arkon Power to deliver top notch LED court lighting fixtures.

“They were definitely keen on having high-end lighting,” said Arkon’s Graham Brown, who led the project. “We were able to submit a uniform lighting design that eliminated dark spots and outperformed the competition.” Arkon’s efficient lighting design, competitive pricing and reputation for court lighting were just a few factors making the company stand out, according to Brown.

To deliver spotless lighting over Valencia del Sol’s five tennis courts, eight pickleball courts and two bocce courts, Arkon performed a photometric analysis and designed a layout featuring (20) 750-watt, (12) 600-watt and (20) 450-watt LED area lights. The light fixtures were perched atop (36) 20-foot, round-tapered steel light poles, each with a custom built sport lighting bracket to push the fixtures further over the courts.

“Court and sport lighting in general is a very demanding application,” Brown said. “We’ve developed our custom strategies over years of doing these projects to exacting specifications.”

Valencia del Sol required a 50 foot-candle average throughout the courts’ primary playing area (PPA), giving them Class III lighting. Arkon was able to further dial in the illumination using high end optics and shielding on some of the fixtures. The result is minimal light pollution and ideal conditions for gorgeous groundstrokes.

“Arkon has worked with some of the biggest players in court building across the state of Florida and has now completed a large number of LED court lighting projects in the Tampa Bay Area and beyond,” Brown said. “We know exactly what customers are looking for when they request an LED lighting quote or photometric design.”

Arkon also worked closely with Welch Tennis, which built Valencia’s courts in Wimauma, Florida, and brought in a third party electrical contractor to complete the lighting installation. Brown and his team provided the contractor a detailed lighting map to ensure the fixtures went in flawlessly and the final result was optimized.

“This is a market that just keeps growing for us,” Brown said. “And we couldn’t be happier to play a part in providing folks the thrilling recreational opportunities they deserve.”

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