Shopping Center Lighting a Bright Spot for Arkon Power

A Winn Dixie-anchored outlet in Central Florida is the latest in a string of shopping center lighting jobs Arkon has completed.

Arkon Power continues to grow its position in the shopping center LED lighting space. The firm has completed dozens of lighting upgrades projects for customers across the country; the latest job brought upgraded lighting to the Mariner Village shopping center, anchored by grocery giant Winn Dixie in Spring Hill, Florida located in Hernando County.

“Arkon has done several shopping centers for us,” said Paul Frahm, construction manager for Bruce Strumpf Inc., which manages more than 4.3 million square feet of Florida-based commercial property, including Mariner Village. “Everyone is making the move to LED for energy conservation and cost.”

Frahm said Arkon has become his go-to provider for LED fixtures and technical solutions. He said Arkon is consistently lower on cost and more efficient than other suppliers.

According to Arkon Power Technical Manager Graham Brown, the LED lighting company has become an expert in developing photometric plans for grocery-anchored shopping centers. Arkon truly understands the needs of national grocers, Brown said. Winn Dixie, for example, typically demands 6 foot-candles on the ground throughout its parking lots. Publix-anchored shopping centers require 5 foot-candles.

Using its in-depth knowledge of photometrics, lighting design and custom bracketry, Arkon is able to deliver lighting to any shopping center’s specifications while saving the property owner money on energy and maintenance.

“In the case of Mariner Village, I said, ‘look, the guys from Arkon are going to give us the best price,” Frahm said. “And the improvement is a huge added value.”

In addition to saving money, shopping center lighting upgrades attract new real estate tenants, draw in retail customers, enhance safety for after-dark customers and eliminate light pollution.

“There is no way we would ever go back to putting high pressure sodium bulbs in,” Frahm said.

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