Arkon Helps Real Estate Manager Create Long-Term Value with Site Lighting

Alliance Exchange installed LED lighting to make a new retail-storage outlet more attractive and energy efficient.

Mark Blanton of commercial real estate brokerage and management firm Alliance Exchange was considering leasing LED lighting from his local utility company. Alliance was working on a new development in Odessa, Fla., that would house a retail outlet and storage facility, and Blanton knew he wanted the low energy and maintenance costs of LEDs.

But after examining the lease option, he decided a permanent solution from Arkon Power would give his company an asset with long-term value.

“We kind of did the cost-benefit analysis and looked at the savings, and it just made sense,” Blanton said. “I’m personally not a fan of renting anything if I can help it.”

Once Blanton had decided to purchase his own light poles and fixtures, he knew just who to contact. He’d met Arkon Power executives multiple times at trade shows over the years, and he respected them as experts in the field.

Arkon Power Technical Director Graham Brown went to work after speaking with Blanton, performing a photometric analysis on the retail and storage site and suggesting LED street lights and direct burial concrete poles. The new lighting design would feature eight 240-watt fixtures, seven 30-foot poles and one two-way bracket.

“We were able to put together a design that would give the facility more light and save them on costs in the long run,” Brown said. Brown noted that by purchasing the lights, Blanton’s firm added an asset to the property, rather than incurring a liability owed to the local utility company.

Blanton said the up-front cost of LED lights has come down enough to make their benefits—energy efficiency, low maintenance, high-level brightness—worthwhile. And while it’s too early to say just how much Alliance Exchange is saving via its new LED lights, Blanton said he’s been happy with the results and the lights “look fantastic.”

“Graham was very much on top of everything, and I have nothing but good things to say about him and the company in general,” Blanton said. “We will look to Arkon again in the future.”

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