Revving Up Energy Savings With LED Lighting

Carmakers are looking for an advantage over the competition with LEDs.

Automobile manufacturing is the latest industry to embrace LED lighting, as increasing numbers of carmakers and component suppliers around the world are transitioning to the energy-saving fixtures.

Arkon Power completed its first car manufacturing LED project several years ago when it oversaw a job for global automotive giant Nemak.

Nemak, a car component builder based in Mexico, contracted with Arkon to replace the legacy lighting in its Windsor, Canada, plant with LEDs. The facility, which manufactures aluminum cylinder heads and blocks, was looking for an edge in the highly competitive automotive supply market.

“We believe the manufacturing industry on the whole is a huge growth market for LEDs,” Arkon Power Director of Business Development Eleni Lelekis said. “We’re seeing huge projected and actual savings at large production facilities like Nemak’s Windsor Aluminum plant.”

And Nemak is not alone. Multiple automotive plants have recently jumped on the LED lighting bandwagon, according to a report in Energy Manager Today. One car maker has contracted for engineering studies at all of its North American plants and plans to complete installation projects for five U.S. facilities in 2018. The LED installer for that plant reports it has recently seen an uptick in automotive commissions, with at least two other companies considering installations in the near future.

The increase in automotive projects is part of larger growth in the LED industry worldwide. A report recently released by Research and Markets, “Global Light-emitting Diode Market 2017-2021,” indicates the worldwide LED market is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 18.46% from 2017-2021. According to the report, one driver in the market is a favorable policy environment and governmental support as natural resources are depleted around the globe and climate change is increasingly attributed to human causes.

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