Arkon Completes Lighting Design for New Construction Site

Arkon Power helped Tarpon Senior Living achieve the look it wanted at the right price.

Joe Heidenreich needed lighting for a senior living housing project he was working on, but the local utility provider wasn’t up to meeting his needs.

“I don’t think they were progressive enough in what they were prepared to offer,” said Heidenreich, whose consulting firm was brought onto the Tarpon Senior Living project by PHG Builders LLC. “They pushed us into the private sector.”

As soon as Heidenreich met with Arkon Power, he knew he’d found the right lighting provider for his four assisted living sub-complexes with 95 units in Tarpon Springs, Fla.

“I met with Graham [Brown], and he did the photometrics,” Heidenreich said. “Arkon was very progressive and accommodating. They went beyond what we expected initially. We had other competitors come to us, but we stayed with Arkon based on what they did for us—the service, how they handled themselves.”

Brown’s photometric analysis led the Arkon engineering team to recommend Tarpon Senior Living install two 120-watt and 44 80-watt LED street lights, each with full 10-year warranties. The lights were mounted on 18 20-foot AGL direct burial fiberglass light poles for the parking lot areas and nine 14-foot AGL poles to illuminate the walkways. Nineteen two-way, 180-degree brackets were installed on poles requiring multiple LED fixtures.

Finally, the team selected a bronze color to ensure the light poles matched the existing housing design “and give it a more natural appearance,” according to Brown.

The goal, per Heidenreich’s specifications, was to make the complexes feel like upscale communities. He didn’t necessarily want the daylight-like glow of a big box store parking lot.

Heidenreich said Arkon delivered and then some.

“The end product we are tickled to death with,” he said. “We gave Graham some very specific instructions…and we were very impressed with him and the whole team. I think they did a great job.”

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