Arkon Illuminates Spiritual Grounds

A regional church collective has brightened the campus of its Florida location with new LED fixtures.

Diane Brown knew retreat goers visiting the Clearwater, Florida church she directs appreciated its four retreat houses on 14 acres of lakeside grounds. And she didn’t want that appreciation to end once the sun went down.

“We have a beautiful piece of land with paths where people can walk around,” Brown said. “Now they can do it at night.”

What’s changed? The church, Our Lady of Divine Providence House of Prayer, headquarters of the Marian Servants who operate throughout the Southeast, recently installed LED light fixtures with the help of Arkon Power. The 160-, 120-, 80- and 40-watt flood lights not only allow visitors to enjoy the church grounds, they make worshipers feel safer, according to Brown.

What’s more, the church director said the fixtures come with low maintenance costs and stand to save the church more than 70% on its energy bill annually.

Our Lady of Divine Providence House of Prayer has also installed new LED lighting in its 325-person chapel, where Brown said “the lights were burning out fast and costing us a lot of money because we have to leave them on often.”

While Brown said she’s still waiting to see her first electric bill after installing the exterior lights, she’s already seen the benefits of the indoor LEDs, not only in reduced energy costs but also in her maintenance bills. Where the church had previously been changing out entire light fixtures, they’re now changing single bulbs—and doing so rarely.

Brown said she’s recommended the same lighting changes to other churches in the Marian Servants network because the finances make so much sense—“they’re less expensive and last longer, it’s that simple,” she said.

Eleni Lelekis, Arkon’s director of business development, said working with a group like the Marian Servants has shined a light on an exciting opportunity for the company going forward.

“We love working with groups who have the best interest of their patrons at heart, and we truly believe LEDs can improve the customer experience for almost any organization,” she said.

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