Boos Development Designs Efficient New Office Space With LEDs

Energy savings were just the beginning when this leading real estate developer looked to install efficient lighting.

Boos Development Group prides itself on giving customers from Miami to San Francisco the most comprehensive, thoughtful real estate service on the market. So it was no surprise the company thought of every detail—right down to the heat coming off the lighting—when it designed new offices in Clearwater, Florida (Pinellas County).

“It was a brand new space, so we were able to do exactly what we wanted to do,” said Eric Lindsey, the company’s senior vice president of real estate development. “And what we wanted was for it to be as cool and efficient as possible.”

Boos did its due diligence and decided LED lighting would give the company the combination of cool lighting and ambiance it wanted. The next step? Find a lighting provider who could live up to Boos’ own project management standards.

Enter the Arkon Power team, which performed a detailed photometric analysis and suggested a sophisticated array of 12-watt recessed lights and 40- and 50-watt LED flat panels to optimize quality and efficiency. Two dozen of the panel lights are fitted with backups to ensure persistent lighting in the event of an emergency.

“It is a much bigger space than our old office, so we thought, ‘how do we drive down costs?’ and LEDs were a no brainer,” Lindsey said. “Before, we had fluorescent lights throughout, and utilities and maintenance were a concern. We were doing a lot of replacement for sure.”

Once Arkon was onboard for the new construction project, Lindsey said installing the lighting “was seamless,” and the new fixtures are performing exactly as expected, delivering high quality light with no heat production.

“It has definitely been a positive experience,” he said. “We have already recommended Arkon to our commercial clients.”

Arkon Director of Business Development Eleni Lelekis likewise had positive things to say about working with Boos.

“It’s so nice to go into a project with a group that has explored all available lighting technology and decided on LEDs,” she said. “We know a company like Boos Development can choose to work with anyone in lighting, and we’re happy they decided Arkon was best suited to their needs.”

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