Arkon Visits China & California for Market Research

Lighting controls and fixture designs stand out as major industry advancements.

Arkon Power executives recently made trips to San Diego, Calif., and Hong Kong to enhance the company’s knowledge of new lighting technology and product lines.

Arkon Director of Business Development Eleni Lelekis and Technical Manager Graham Brown attended Lightfair International 2016 in San Diego from April 24 to 28. It was the third time Arkon representatives had attended the event, billed as the “world’s largest annual architectural and commercial lighting trade show and conference.”

Brown said the fair was well attended this year and offered a chance to vet the industry’s latest advancements.

“Not only are we constantly trying to stay on the leading edge of LED technology, but we’re also seeing some major improvements in lighting controls,” Brown said. “It’s something we’re now feeling confident bringing to our customers as these intelligent, network-based controlling systems become more efficient.”

Lelekis said the ability to integrate solar energy solutions into lighting systems showed promise at the lighting industry event, and the educational seminars were also beneficial.

“We attended several courses on controls as that’s a place where we think we can really help our customers as we move into more comprehensive energy savings solutions,” she said. “We were also able to further our knowledge of lighting ordinances in states outside our existing coverage areas.”

Brown traveled to China on a fact finding mission in early April, visiting multiple manufacturing sites with Arkon Foreign Purchasing Manager Clement Yuen (pictured above at left) and attending the spring edition of Hong Kong International Lighting Fair 2016.

Brown said in addition to advanced lighting controls that stand to save customers even more money, the major advancement he’s seeing is in the aesthetics of lighting fixtures.

“We’ve recently seen some really sleek looking lights on the market and interesting designs that can serve in unique installation environments,” Brown said. “It all comes at a perfect time, as our customers are becoming more knowledgeable of LED technology and demanding new options.”

Brown’s trip overseas represented the fifth time an Arkon representative has traveled from the company’s Florida headquarters to China. Lelekis said it’s important for Arkon, which sources lighting both domestically and abroad, to be in personal contact with its manufacturers.

“By getting into these facilities and seeing their processes, not only do we advance our knowledge of the product line, but we can learn how we can help our vendors operate more efficiently,” she said.

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