New online feature offers graphic display of Arkon LED’s nationwide reach

Arkon LED has in the last year grown from a Southeastern U.S. LED upstart to an established provider of lighting solutions in nine states and in Canada. A selection of the company’s LED installations is now on display at

“The growth we’ve seen in the last three to four quarters has been astounding,” Director of Business Development Eleni Lelekis said. “Once we established ourselves as an industry leading LED solutions provider in the Southeast, word traveled around the country.”

Arkon LED has done jobs as far west as Las Vegas, Nev., and as far north as Windsor, Ontario. The company has completed installations in the Northeast, Rocky Mountains, Texas and the bayou of Louisiana. The 42 jobs now highlighted on the Arkon LED website are not comprehensive but offer a representative sample of the breadth of the company’s reach, according to Lelekis.

And, more jobs are coming soon.

“Our operations people are going to be busy through the first quarter of next year,” Lelekis said. “We’re scheduling installations as fast as we can take the orders.”

Arkon representatives said the projects map will be updated continuously as the company’s backlog of jobs are added and new jobs are completed. Check back regularly to watch as Arkon LED grows, and email to learn more about any of Arkon LED’s individual projects.