International Affair Introducing Arkon’s Man in China

Arkon LED is a U.S.-based company, but a number of other countries have developed into leading players in the light emitting diode sector. China in particular has one of the world’s fastest growing LED manufacturing industries. To stay on top of what’s happening in the Far East and elsewhere, Arkon has positioned an in-house purchaser in Hong Kong.

As the company’s foreign purchasing agent, Clement Yuen brings multinational experience to the Arkon LED team. Yuen graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, before working in sales, marketing, purchasing and manufacturing in multiple industries, including toys, sporting goods and computers. Yuen has worked in China and Hong Kong for the last 20 years and now turns his expertise in supply chain management to the LED market.

“With experience living in both the U.S. and China, Yuen is uniquely positioned to act as Arkon LED’s foreign liaison,” LED Sales Guy Greg Papandrew said. “We couldn’t be more fortunate to have someone with his supply chain and manufacturing expertise on the ground in the Eastern Hemisphere at all times.”

Papandrew first met Yuen on a fact finding trip to Hong Kong in 2014. The two have quickly developed a working relationship that allows Arkon to find the best solutions for its clients’ lighting needs, wherever they are in the world.

“I was immediately struck with Arkon’s willingness to learn about LED manufacturing the world over,” Yuen said. “I only hope to contribute to the company’s goal of being a true global player in this industry.”

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