Arkon Helps Dress Up Historic Downtown with Decorative LED Lighting

Palm Harbor, Florida, is bathed in high quality light thanks to new LED fixtures.

Historic Downtown Palm Harbor has experienced a lighting “miracle,” according to Palm Harbor Fire Rescue Commissioner Norm Atherton.

“I started three and a half years ago trying to convince the county to let the merchants’ association put in new lights,” Atherton said. “And when I get ahold of something, I’m like a bulldog. I hold on till I get it done.”

Atherton’s target? New LED sidewalk and street lighting that would last a long time without costing a fortune up front. Atherton’s solution? Arkon LED.

Arkon completed installation of the Palm Harbor Historical Society’s first round of 50W LED lights atop fluted direct burial poles earlier this month. For less than $3,000 per setup, Arkon secured, delivered and installed the new lights, along with a light diffuser, two-piece base wrap, banner bar and 110-volt plug, on Palm Harbor’s Florida Avenue.

“The Historical Society was really prepared—they had a good idea of what they wanted and made sure there was power close by for each of the fixtures,” Arkon LED Sales Guy Greg Papandrew said. “All we had to do was engineer the right solution and make sure the lights were installed quickly and efficiently.”

The LEDs are expected to save the association at least 70% compared to older technology lighting such as metal halides. Atherton said he’d like to do as many as 40 more lights in the near future and that he appreciated the work Arkon did on the inaugural project.

“Everybody is tickled to death,” Atherton said of the installation. “I have to put [future installations] out to bid, but I would like to do business with Arkon.”

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