Arkon Continues to Save Money on Site Lighting for Fast Food Restaurant, PDQ

The fast growing restaurant group has 16 lighting upgrades scheduled and more on the way.

Arkon LED and PDQ restaurants have continued their successful partnership in the first quarter of 2015, building on last year’s numerous successful site lighting installations.

Since doing its first LED site lighting upgrade for PDQ (People Dedicated to Quality) at its location on Waters and Benjamin in South Tampa on July 1, Arkon has become the fast growing restaurant group’s go-to supplier. Arkon is now responsible for all PDQ site lighting projects, including those where LED lights are not the ideal solution. According to Arkon Director of Business Development Eleni Lelekis, 16 PDQ projects are currently “in the pipeline, with the number growing by the month.”

“Working with PDQ has been a great success for both sides,” Lelekis said. “The group has allowed us the freedom to engineer the best lighting solutions for each of their locations, and their continued business ensures us they have been very pleased with our work.”

Greg Papandrew, Arkon’s LED Sales Guy, said one of the things he’s been most proud of is Arkon’s ability to improve PDQ’s brand recognition. In addition to providing lighting that is inviting to customers, Arkon has created a unique pole solution for the young but up-and-coming business.

“PDQ said, ‘we want you to maximize our site lighting at a competitive price,” Papandrew said. “We came up with a solution using a combination of our energy efficient LED fixtures and custom made poles to match the decor.”

One of PDQ’s Tampa locations, Arkon’s 240-watt LED fixtures and 25-foot green poles have become a staple for PDQ locations.

“Every time I drive by a PDQ I enjoy seeing those bright poles and even brighter lights,” Papandrew said. “I’m looking forward to seeing more in the future.”

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