Arkon Launches New Automotive Sales Division

USA Lighting Solutions LLC brings decades of experience to growing team.

Arkon LED has created a new Automotive Sales Division through a partnership with USA Lighting Solutions LLC, a team of professionals with decades of experience improving car dealership facilities.

“We couldn’t be happier having USA Lighting on board to take our already stellar automotive sales to the next level,” Arkon LED’s Eleni Lelekis said. “Both of the company’s managing partners, Steven Gurriell and Tom McQueen, are exceptional talents in the automotive industry.”

Gurriell has been an active member of the automotive community for more than 30 years, working on both the retail and wholesale sides of the industry. While in retail, Gurriell held management positions in both service and sales and leadership roles with Mercedes Benz USA and Volkswagen. His most recent endeavors with GM included facility design/renovations, construction management/process facilitation, launching a brand, training, and business management consulting.

McQueen has served the automotive industry for more than 25 years. As a nationally recognized speaker and award-winning author, his advice on improving processes, performance, and profit is routinely sought by business executives. As the principal/managing partner of USA Lighting Solutions LLC, Tom partners with dealerships and other clients to significantly reduce energy expenses by installing the best lighting products manufactured today.

“The team of Gurriell and McQueen has been handpicked by major automotive companies to single handedly spearhead their sales facility renovations,” Lelekis said. “Their addition to our team was a no brainier, and we expect big things to come of this partnership.”

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