Furniture Store Sitting Pretty With Archon Bulbs

Furniture Store Sitting Pretty With Archon Bulbs

  • New Bulbs Draw 25% Less Wattage
  • Store Requires 25% Fewer Bulbs for Same Light Coverage
  • Utility Rebate Saved Roughly 50% of the Project Cost

What if you could install nearly $20,000 worth of light bulbs at your business and pay only $7,000? Oh, and the energy savings from the bulbs would pay for them in less than six months. No-brainer, right? That’s what Jeff Smith, general manager of Walker Furniture in Gainesville, Fla., decided in early September when he learned his regional utility would offer him a large rebate for replacing his existing light bulbs with 500 of Archon Power’s 17-watt LED flood lights.

“They do a very good job of illuminating the store,” said Jeff Smith, general manager of Walker Furniture in Gainesville, Fla. “I am probably producing 25 percent more light, and I have reduced the number of bulbs by 25 percent.” Walker Furniture is the latest of a number of Gainesville-based businesses to capitalize on expiring rebates available from the Gainesville Regional Utility. The electricity provider gives businesses significant sums for efficiency improvements, and hundreds of utility companies across the country run similar programs. “There were two things for us,” Smith said. “One, GRU is increasing its business rates. Two, they are completing their rebate program. Between the two of them, it was what I would call a no brainer.”

In addition to providing energy savings, Smith said the reduction of his store’s environmental footprint was a significant consideration. Walker Furniture will not only spend less on illuminating the store, it will have to run its air condition system less due to the reduced heat given off by Archon Power LEDs. Smith praised Archon Power for its customer service. “The Archon Power representative was very good,” he said. “It was down to a decision between Archon and a company we have dealt with in the past in California, but we wanted to have someone we could talk to in person.”



Before purchasing LED lighting, you should understand what an LED is and how it works.

LED lighting fixtures are composed of three main components: the light emitting diode itself, the driver and the housing. LEDs (light-emitting diodes) are semiconductor light sources. LED drivers control many factors that affect the performance of the LED and are of critical importance in white LEDs, and the housing is an engineered metal component encasing the LED assembly.


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