Fishing Outlet Launch Brightened by LEDs

Fishing Outlet Launch Brightened by LEDs

  • LEDs Improve Retail-Space Light Quality and Color
  • Retrofit Kits Are Fully UL-Rated
  • Tube Replacement Yields Savings, Environmental Benefits

Captain Dave Rieumont knows the value of making a big splash. So when the renowned Tampa Bay area fisherman launched Tarpon Fishing Outfitters, he brought in Archon Power to install lights that would best highlight his merchandise.

“The new lights are excellent,” he said. “They’re much better than the old ones. There is none of the yellowing of the light.”

Updating an older store known as Fisherman’s World, Rieumont and his team decided to retrofit each of the fluorescent troffers in the building with UL-rated tube kits from Archon Power. In addition to the improved light quality, Rieumont said the company has seen a reduction in its energy costs and is interested in pursuing a second project with Archon Power in the near future.



Industry standard lighting measurements and comparisons are typically performed using photopic lumens. This measurement has come under fire in recent years, as photopic lumens do not properly represent how the human eye perceives light. Scotopic performance, a complete measure of light perception, is more accurate.


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